Cracow University of Technology
Institute of Building Materials and Structures
Students Scientific Group Building Innovation "InBud"
invites to participate in
The III International Conference of Innovative Buildings "InBuild".

The conference will be held on
20-22 November 2017
at the Cracow University of Technology in Polish Kings City - Cracow.

The conference will be a forum for the exchange of knowledge, research and experience of modern construction, and at the same time provide an opportunity to establish scientific cooperation between research centers and research institutes. Workshops have informational and didactic role.

We are also welcome students and PhD students to participate in the conference.

Conference Topics

  • Thermal renovation of buildings, building energy-efficient, audyting, energy certification
  • New material solutions, technologies and management systems in construction
  • Theoretical-optimization and heat transfer in materials and construction, design methods
  • Theoretical-optimized design, modern methods of design
  • Concervation and preservation of heritage
  • Building Simulations
  • Lighting and acoustics of architecture and urban planning
  • Sustainable Development Strategy
  • Architecture Bioclimatic
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Non-conventional energy sources and storage
  • Energy-efficient systems, intelligent low-energy buildings
  • Waste management
  • Water and sewage
  • Laboratory tests, in-situ tests