Guidelines for Article

The language of the conference is English.
Abstracts and articles should be prepared in this language.

Article Summary

To participate in the conference as an announcer should send article summaries prepared by the following guidelines: 

Requirements for summary - download   


Articles positively assessed by reviewers will be published in a:
Technical Transaction (13 points) or in
Journal of Building Physics (30 points, Impact Factor 1,5 points Hirsch rate)
Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering (30 points, Impact Factor 2,216 points Hirsch rate)

Articles should be prepared according to the following guidelines: 

Requirements for article editing - download 

Articles shall not exceed 6 pages.

Articles which will be published in Technical Transaction (list B) must be prepared in a color version.


Requirements for monograph editing - download

Monograph shall not exceed 22 pages. They should be prepared for black and white print.

Paper presentation

Information for people presenting papers
Speaking time can not exceed 10 minits.

Web conference network

Dear participants:

if Your arrival will not be possible this is also the opportunity to participate in the conference by Skype Web conference network, give a paper and take part in discussions give a lecture (after paying a fee for the conference).